2016 Spring Music Concert 새봄음악회

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GREETINGS (Clack on Photo)


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Kie Cheon Lee

The Honourable 

Yonah Martin 

Peter Julian

MP for New Westminster-Burnaby

Jonathan Cot

MAYOR. City of New Westminster

Judy Darcy

MLA for New Westminster

Jane Shin 

MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed




Spring Music Concert


The organization is the KO-CA Foundation of Culture Exchange Association. 

Ko-Ca have been in existence for 3 years.

Our(KO-CA) goal is providing Korean culture to community and supporting Korean and Canadian cultures by planning concerts and connecting people.


The event is the Spring Music Concert on 2.Apr(Saturday) at 6pm at New Westminster Anvil Theatre. (777 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC) 


This is a major event in our Korean Community, and other attendees will include Korean Community leaders, Canadian leaders, Art and culture related group and it will be place for networking.





Soprano : Jang Yeon Bahng (소프라노 방장연)



Soprano Jang Yeon Bahng obtained a Bachelor of Music ( Voice ) from Ewha Womans University. She worked as a music teacher at Myungduk Girls’ High School. She was a conductor for the youth choir and they entered many events, such as the Korea Choir Festival and the Youth Choir Festival. In addition, the Choir sang for the former Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher, under the direction of Jang Yeon Bahng. She was the Rotary Club’s Youth Activities Director. She received an award from the Super Intendant of Schools for her work. In Canada, she became the conductor for the Corea Media Youth Choir and Vancouver Youngnak Church’s Choir. She was the mezzo soprano leader of Vancouver Zion Mission Choir and was the director of the Korean Cultural Heritage Society. She performed at a Korean Folk Song Night and sang with North Korean refugee pianist Cheol Woong Kim. She also performed at “The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Canada and Korea” celebration and at the Korean Heritage Day Festival. She participates every year in fundraising concerts for First Nations missions and is currently the choir conductor at Immanuel Baptist Church. Futhermore, Jang Yeon Bahng is the musical director and conductor of K-Voice. She continues to be active in the Korean-Canadian community.


Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra

(캐나다 뮤즈 청소년 교향악단)


Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra aims to help young people cultivate love of music and learning through the discovery of orchestral work.  By performing, young people learn to hone their musical skill and preferences.  Their performances act as a bridge and forms connection between the local Korean community and the larger community. The orchestra also aims to foster vibrant social atmosphere for its members and help young people see the value in volunteering in the larger community by sharing their  music.


Pianist : Seungdoe Song (피아니스트 홍승도)​




She was born in Seoul, South Korea and graduated from Ewha Womans University, Bachelor of Arts and from University of Texas at Austin, Master of Arts. She performed with Korea National Symphony Orchestra (presently KBS Symphony Orchestra) at the age of 13 and won many piano competitions for young pianists such as Seoul  National University of Education Competition, Yewon Piano Contest, Yookyoung Foundation Piano Contest, to name a few. While completing her graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin, she served as the opera coach & accompanist for the U.T Opera Company in the production of “Cosi fan tutte”, “Gianni Schicchi”, “Rusalka”, “Alice in Wonderland” and others. After finishing the graduate degree, she actively participated in many solo recitals, ensembles with performances which include Grand Piano Concert Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Korea and Germany, and Grand Piano Concert in Los Angeles. She also had teaching position as lecturer at such institutions as Dong-A University, Kyungsung University, Busan High School of Arts and served as accompanist for Vancouver Pilgrim Chorus.


Friends Little Singers (프렌즈 리틀 싱어즈)




Conductor : 
Eun A Jung



Pianist : 
Yeon Kyung Lee


Friends Little Singers is Vancouver’s first choir for those aged 3-8. The choir was first founded in 2012 to help contribute to the fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of these children who have everlasting love for music. Through various small and large concerts, they are able to spread the art and culture of Korea and talent these young singers possess.


K-Voice (Seoyeon Kim, Jisu Kim) 김서연, 김지수​


김서연 사진.jpg


Seoyeon Kim(left) and Jisu Kim(right) are members of K-Voice , a group that Jang Yeon Bahng co-directs and conducts. They will be performing alongside Jang Yeon Bahng in this concert. K-Voice is a Korean children’s choir based in Vancouver. They will be singing a combination of Korean and English songs in solo,ensemble and choir formation. K-Voice students are chosen by the Joongang Education Children’s Learning Centre. K-Voice is co-directed and sponsored by Joongang Ilbo and KO•CA Foundation for Culture Exchange Association.


Performers : Sunhee Chung (정선희)



Executive director of Holy Flame Ministries (holyflameministries.com) : Non-profit mission organization for prisons and street missions. Short term mission trips with flags : France, Israel, Dagestan. 
Workshops : Canada(Vancouver), Korea, Japan
*2006  Fall. M.A. in Christian Studies in ACTS of Trinity Western University  -  Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care *2011 Spring. MDiv. in Church Planting in ACTS of Trinity Western University


Performers : K.E.Grace Yun (윤계은)​



Korean traditional instrument - Piri  / Ewha womans University - Majored in Korean Traditional Music
2003, 2004 : A guest player for tour in China invited by China Religion Department Korean traditional music missionary
2005-2016 : Over ten times of benefit performance for non-profit organizations such as Syria refugee aid, supporting North Korean children and homeless people in lower mainland Vancouver.





1. New arirang 신 아리랑

-composed by Dong jin Kim,  Soprano : Jangyeon Bahng,  Piano : Seungdoe Song

Arirang is a Korean traditional folk song.  아리랑은 한국의 대표적 민요이다.

2.  You Raise Me Up 날 세우시네

- composed by R. Lovland, Soprano : Jangyeon Bahng,   Piano : Seungdoe Song

The meaning of this song is of endless hope and strength. It was inspired by ‘ Londondery Air ( Danny Boy )’ , a traditional folk song in Ireland. 아일랜드 민요인 ‘ Londondery Air ( Danny Boy )’ 를 바탕으로 만들어졌으며, 당신이 일으켜 주기에 어떤 어려운 일도 헤쳐 나갈 수 있다는 내용이다.

3.  The Hungry Tiger 배고픈 호랑이

- composed & words by Shinhye Kim,  Voice : Jisu Kim, Piano : Jinah Jung

It is a childrens’ song which has a Korean traditional melody and a story. 한국 전통 이야기와 선율을 가진 어린이 창작 동요이다.

4.  Widmung 헌정(獻呈)

- composed by R. Schumann, Soprano : Jangyeon Bahng,  Piano : Seungdoe Song

This is the first song in the ‘ Myrthen’ songbook. There are 26songs in the book, all composed by Schumann. To profess his love to his betrothed, Clara, Schumann gifted this songbook to her the day before their wedding.슈만이 작곡한 26곡이 실려 있는 ‘미르테의 꽃’ 이라는 가곡집의 첫번째 곡이다. 부인 클라라를 위해 결혼 전날 이 가곡집을 선물함으로 그의 절절한 사랑을 표현했다.
5.  The Wave Loaded 그리움 실은 파도 

   - composed by Geung Soo  Lim,  words Hea Ja Lee,  Soprano : Jangyeon Bahng,  Piano : Seungdoe Song

Looking into  the horizon, I see the face of my lost love over the waves. I let the waves carry my longing to my beloved. 수평선을 바라보며 떠나간 연인에 대한 그리운 마음을 파도에 실어 보낸다.

6.  Over the rainbow 무지개 너머

- composed by H. Arlen, Voice : Seoyeon Kim,  Piano : Seungdoe Song

This song was sung by the character Dorothy in the movie  ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The theme it conveys is of perfect happiness and peace. 영화 ‘오즈의 마법사’ 에서 주인공 도로시가 부르는 노래이며 무지개 너머 어딘가에 있을 완전한 행복을 꿈꾸는 내용이다.

7.  Ah, fors’e lui  아, 그이인가  from opera “La Traviata(춘희)” 
   - composed by G. Verdi,  Soprano : Jangyeon Bahng,  Piano : Seungdoe Song


Synopsis (La Traviata)
 “ La Traviata” is an opera set in Paris about the tragic love story of Violetta, a courtesan and Alfredo, a noble. In the First Act, Violetta expresses her love for  Alfredo, and her disregard for their statuses in the aria ‘ Ah, fors’e lui’. 파리 사교계의 꽃(싸롱 고급창녀)인 비올레타의 집에서 파티가 열린다. 파티에서 비올레타를 본 젊은 귀족인 알프레도는 비올레타와 사랑에 빠진다. 그러나 비올레타는 폐병을 앓고 있었고, 그동안 향락에 젖어 살았기에 순수한 그의 구애를 받는 것을 주저한다. 결국 끈질긴 구애로 둘은 파리 교외에서 동거를 시작한다. 그러나 생활 감각이 없던 알프레도를 대신하여 비올레타가 생활비를 대고, 곧 자금이 바닥난다. 이를 알게 된 알프레도는 돈을 구하러 잠시 집을 비우고, 그 사이 그의 부친 제르몽이 비올레타를 찾아와 아들의 장래를 위해 헤어져 달라고 부탁하고, 비올레타는 그의 말을 따른다. 메모만 남겨둔 채 그녀가 사라진 것을 알게 된 알프레도는 돈 때문에 자신을 버렸다고 오해한다. 파리의 한 화려한 파티장에서 둘은 재회하고, 알프레도는 도박으로 딴 돈을 던지며 비올레타를 모욕한다. 제르몽이 나타나 아들의 무례함을 꾸짖고, 비올레타가 떠난 것은 오해라고 밝힌다. 그러나 비올레타는 이제 병으로 회복이 불가능하다. 죽어가면서 알프레도와 다시 만나고, 이들은 지난 날의 아름다웠던 때를 그리워하지만, 비올레타는 결국 숨을 거둔다.


Ah fors’ e lui (아, 그이인가) 
At first Violetta rejects him because his love means nothing to her, but there is something about Alfredo that touches her heart. But she concludes that she needs freedom to live her life.  Alfredo’s voice is heard singing about love as he walks down the street.알프레도의 구애에 고민하는 비올레타는 생각지도 못했던 고귀한 사랑(알프레도)이 다가옴을 느끼며 마음 속에서 솟아오르는 애정과 고뇌를 노래한 아리아 ‘아, 그이인가’ 를 부른다. 


8.  Our hope is the reunification 우리의 소원은 통일

      - Friends Little Singers, Conductor : Eun A Jung,  Piano : Yeon Kyung Lee  


9.  Making the Blue World & Clouds 푸른세상 만들기, 뭉게구름  

      - Friends Little Singers, Conductor : Eun A Jung,  Piano : Yeon Kyung Lee  



10.  Beethoven Virus  베토벤 바이러스 
- Arr. composed by Banya, Rearr. by K.D. Kim, Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra

Beethoven Virus is a 2008 South Korean television series theme music. The show drew attention for being the first Korean drama to depict the lives of classical musicians, an orchestra and ordinary people who dream of becoming musicians.


11.  If You Are a Descendant of Korea  그대 배달의 후예이거든  
- composed by  HyeaJung Park,  Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra, Soprano : JangYeon Bahng

The words of this song are based on a poem by Byung Sub Van, and the music is by Hyeajung Park. In the poem, Van asks Koreans living abroad to remember their country through three flowers:  Rose of Sharon, Touch-me-not, and cosmos.  These three flowers have symbolic significance  in Korea’s history and culture and he asks Koreans to plant them in their garden.  Fittingly, the same poem is carved on a monument in Korean Pavilion in VanDusen Botanical Garden.  


12.  Beauty and the Beast 미녀와 야수

- composed by  Alan Menken, Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra


13.  Let’s Look for our Dream  꿈배를 띄우자 
 - composed by  HyeaJung Park, Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra,  Performers : Sunhee Chung, K.E.Grace Yun

This song won award in children’s song composition fair which was held by National Centre for Traditional Korean Music and is now included in music textbooks for Grade 6 students there.  It  was also the closing song for national youth sports competition in Korea.  It is in the style of traditional Korean folk song  with sprightly rhythm.   It encourages the children of the world to follow their dreams with all their heart. 


14.  Pirates of the Caribbean 캐리비안의 해적
    - Arr. by T. Ricketts, Canada Muse Youth Symphony Orchestra





◈ 오는 4월2일(토) 오후6시, 뉴웨스트민스터의 Anvil Theatre에서 개최되는 새봄 음악회는 한카문화산업교류재단이 개최하는 정통 클래식 음악회로 매년, 한인 문화계의 새로운 시즌을 맞이하는 첫번째 메이져 행사입니다.

◈ 2016년 새봄음악회는 소프라노 방장연(이화여대 성악전공)씨를 초청해서 1부 무대를 진행하며, 2015년 첫번째 무대의 주인공이었던 작곡가 박혜정씨가 지휘하는 캐나다 뮤즈청소년 교향악단이 2부를 진행합니다. 

◈ 새봄음악회는 매년 3월말 또는 4월초에 진행하는 정기 음악회로 기획되었으며 이후 매년, 한인을 중심으로 하는 다문화의 주요 클래식 음악인들을 초청해 다양한 형식으로 음악회를 진행하고 있습니다.

◈ 2016 새봄음악회의 중심 초청 공연자인 방장연씨는 이화여대에서 성악을 전공한 후 캐나다에서 각종 한인 행사무대에서 한국전통 가곡을 선보여 왔습니다. 이번 무대에서는 신 아리랑, 그리움 실은 파도, You raise me up, Widmung, Ah, fors’e lui ( La Traviata 중에서) 가곡과 클래식음악, 오페라 아리아등 다양한 클래식 장르의 곡을 선정해 관객에게 선사할 예정입니다.

◈ 방장연 씨와 함께 무대에 오르는 K-Voice의 김서연 학생은 방장연 씨가 지도하는 K-Voice 어린이 중창, 합창단에서 성악을 배우고 있으며 이번 무대에서 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 등 2곡을 들려줍니다.

◈ 2부 무대에 출연하는 박혜정씨의 캐나다 뮤즈청소년 교향악단은 지난 겨울내내 연습한 내용과 함께 캐나다의 프로 연주자들도 함께 협연함으로써 한국커뮤니티 뿐만 아니라 멀티컬츄럴 퍼포먼스로 진화하는 모습을 기대할 수 있을 것이라고 이번 음악회의 참가 포부를 밝혔습니다.

◈ 행사에 초대되는 커뮤니티와 서부 캐나다 정재계 리더들이외에 단체 및 기업등 캐나다 주요 기업 및 문화, 사회단체들이 초청되며 이들은 행사의 후원, 협찬, 펀드레이징 참여의 형태로 함께 하게 됩니다. 

◈ 새봄을 맞이해 한인사회에 한층 격조높은 문화행사로 발전하고 있는 새봄음악회를 주목하시기 바랍니다.




◈ 새봄음학회 


Saturday Apr. 2. 2016. 6pm 
New Westminster Anvil Theatre 
(777 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC) 


일시: 2016년 4월2일  오후6시 (Door Open : 5:30)

장소: 뉴웨스트민스터 Anvil Theatre

주최: 한카문화산업교류재단

후원: 주밴쿠버대한민국총영사관, 민주평통밴쿠버협의회, 밴쿠버중앙일보


티켓구입 : 중앙일보 홈페이지